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Automated Grading

Automate grading tasks and provide inline feedback for students.

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Collaborate with Your Learners

Collaborate effectively with your learners using discussion boards, mentions, inline comments. Real-Time Collaboration (RTC) is coming soon!

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Create Awesome Content at the Speed of AI

IllumiDesk's AI will help you create, maintain, and structure your content into interactive lessons.

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Integrate with the Services you Know and Love

IllumiDesk's flexible integration options using the RESTful API and/or LTI v1.3 helps leverage existing content and flows.

Accelerate Your Course Creation Process

Leverage the Power of AI to Build Engaging Learning Experiences 10x Faster

Crafting remarkable courses can now be achievable in just minutes, not months. Mobilize your audiences with captivating content without devoting endless hours of work!

Unlock the potential of easy to teach

001 /// Simple course creation

Create a course effortlessly with AI in just a few clicks, tailoring it to your specific context, or start from scratch and build a course from the ground up.

002 /// Integrations and Models

IllumiDesk's flexible integration options using the RESTful API and/or LTI v1.3 helps leverage existing content and flows.

003 /// Customizable Branding

Elevate Your Identity: Unleash the Power of Customizable Branding with Our Latest Feature.

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University of Michigan
IllumiDesk is a great resource for students who are just learning how to program/code. You can design coding assignments with a lot of instructional text built-in instead of having them use GitHub for a code skeleton or starting a project from scratch.
Business Developer and Marketing
It was short and easy, It felt like someone was helping me the whole time with the prompts.
Project Manager
I was very very impressed from my initial try-it-out kind of test. My purpose is actually to use it for writing UAT scenarios, which I think this tool could be used for.
Learning & Development
I was originally very skeptical of the ability of this AI toolset to create a credible training course based on a few lesson headings I was asked to supply, but the ease of use and the quality of what was created simply blew me away. Highly recommended! Regards, MJ Ward
Learning & Development
Darrell Steward
I’m back logging key thoughts, details and soundbites from episodes, books, meetings, articles, etc from the past week. So far, it’s a knowledge worker’s dream come true.
Powerful Features with a Single Click


What is IllumiDesk?

IllumiDesk is the generative A.I. platform for instructors and content developers that helps teams create and monetize tailored content up to 10X faster than standard methods.

Who is IllumiDesk for?

IllumiDesk caters to freelancers, instructors, and content developers across various scales, including solopreneurs, small training agencies, medium-sized businesses, educational institutions and large organizations. It empowers them to elevate their productivity to extraordinary levels when crafting and disseminating content to their learners.

How does Illumidesk leverage AI?

IllumiDesk's AI helps you create, maintain, and structure your content into interactive lessons, including quizzes and suggested learning activities.

How do I properly structure generated content, so my learners can use it?

No manual copying/pasting required. There's a free-form chatbot on the side, but you can use inline block requests and Illumidesk will format the text for you. For example, if you request a 'fill in the blank' question, you'll get a preformatted question. It even selects the correct answer for you!