IllumiDesk - Jupyter Notebooks with Canvas LMS

IllumiDesk makes it easy for you and your students to use Notebooks for your classes so you can get on with teaching!

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IllumiDesk Features

Full Jupyter Notebook Support

Your Notebooks, your way. We support Python 2, Python 3, R, Julia, and more.

Integrated with Canvas LMS

Teachers can create modules and assignments by selecting Jupyter Notebook files and students can submit assignments to Canvas, directly from the Notebook interface!

Dedicated environments

Save setup times and increase engagement with dedicated environments at the click of a button.

Demo Video

How it works


Set up your course files

Register and sign into IllumiDesk, start a server, and copy your course files (usually done with git clone).

Get Started

Define assignment in your course

Select the Jupyter Notebook files you would like to use for your assignment or module.


Receive and review Notebook assignments

Once the student has submitted their Jupyter Notebook as an assignment, you can review their notebook and grade it directly from Canvas.

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We were able to integrate IllumiDesk with our internal LMS thanks to their great API. Awesome job!

Robert Joseph — Director of Industrial Strategy at Stanley Black and Decker


What are Jupyter Notebooks?

Jupyter Notebooks are an awesome way for data nerds to collaborate with their data projects. With Jupyter Notebooks you can share your data story with a web enabled interface. Jupyter is an open sourced project managed by the good people at NumFocus.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas is used by thousands of organizations to help managed classes, modules, people, and assignments. Canvas was built and is maintained by Instructure, Inc.

How do you make money if you give it to Academia away for free?

All students should have access to the best tools to learn with data. Our money is made with Businesses that need more specialized environments and support options.

Do you give discounts for yearly commitments.

Yes. We offer 20% discounts for yearly commitments. All yearly commitments are paid for up front.

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