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IllumiDesk Features


Power up with multiple kernels and frameworks.

Your Notebooks, your way. IllumiDesk provides full-featured Jupyter Notebook images with multiple kernels and frameworks, such as Python 2, Python 3, Julia, R, C++, and more!

Support for multiple Jupyter Kernels

Select from one of the supported Jupyter kernels: Python 2, Python 3, Julia, R, and C++. And more coming soon!

Support of the most common ML/DL frameworks

IllumiDesk includes many common frameworks within the standard Jupyter image, such as Scipy, TensorFlow, R-Caret.

Custom Package Requirements

Do you have your own package requirements? No problem! IllumIDesk supports adding custom packages to the base image.

Supercharge Grading Tasks

Automate repetitive grading tasks with the AutoGrader service and post results directly to the course's grades section.

Full or hybrid mode supported

You can grade all Notebook cells or only a subset of them. Once the cells are graded, review them with Canvas's grading tools to confirm the student's final grade.

Grade with any language and unit testing framework

The AutoGrader service grades Notebook cells based on their outputs which allows you to choose what language and testing framework to use.

Integration with the Canvas Speed Grader

Quickly toggle through graded submissions with Canvas's Speed Grader.


Dedicated and Secure Environments

Each user has access to their own dedicated environment.

File Backups and Recovery Options

All files are saved and backed up automatically with a checkpoint service. Students can recover any version of their file(s) for the life of the project.

Manage Packages

Users are free to install and update virtual environment package dependencies, such as with Pip, Conda, and CRAN.

Configure Resources

Configure CPU and Memory use for each user to optimize usage and billing.

How it works


Set up your course files

Register and sign into IllumiDesk, start a server, and copy your course files (usually done with git clone).

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Define assignment in your course

Select the Jupyter Notebook files you would like to use for your assignment or module.


Receive and review Notebook assignments

Once the student has submitted their Jupyter Notebook as an assignment, you can review their notebook and grade it directly from Canvas.

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IllumiDesk is now LTI v1.3 and LTI Advantage Certified!

By obtaining the LTI® v1.3 and LTI Advantage certifications, IllumiDesk improves security and provides additional integration options with Learning Management systems.

Improved Security with OAuth2 and JSON Web Tokens
Simplified installation and launch options
Richer integration with the leading LMS's

You're in great company.

See what our clients have to say.

Illumidesk has been an extremely valuable resource for my class by allowing me to quickly distribute and grade coding assignments. It keeps learners engaged with the material while avoiding complex software installation and technical issues. Illumidesk is exactly what I needed to help my data science students meet high-level competencies!
Solomon Adams, PharmD, PhD - Assistant Professor of Pharmacogenomics

Simple, transparent pricing.


Get started with our free tier

$0/ mo
  • Shared CPU Core
  • 60 minutes per month
  • 1 GB disk space
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Ideal for small classes and departments

$9/ mo
  • Dedicated CPU core
  • 60 hours per month
  • 5 GB disk space
  • Auto Grader
  • Priority Support
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A great option for large deployments or specialized requirements.

$29/ mo
  • Multiple dedicated CPU cores
  • 180 hours per month
  • 20 GB disk space
  • Auto Grader
  • Priority Support
  • GPU Access
  • Custom docker images
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What is your pricing model?

IllumiDesk charges a monthly or yearly subscription. Customers that opt-in to yearly or multi-year subscriptions have access to additional discounts.

How is pricing calculated?

IllumiDesk charges organizations a monthly or yearly fee based on the aggregate resources used to run and maintain user servers and static files. For example, if a customer purchases the Growth subscription with 10 users, then the total available resources available to the organization is 600 hours per month, regardless of the time used by each individual user.

Do you give discounts for yearly commitments?

Yes. We offer 20% discounts for yearly commitments.

Can I use my existing Jupyter Notebooks files with IllumiDesk?

Absolutely! You can either upload your files using the standard Jupyter file manager interface or you can clone an existing Git repository.

Does IllumiDesk support the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard?

Yes. IllumiDesk is an active member of IMS Global ( and currently in the process of obtaining the LTI v1.3 certification for Core, Names and Role Provisioning Services, Deep Linking, and Assignment and Grade Services.

What personal data does IllumiDesk store?

IllumiDesk only stores user id's associated with the account used by the Canvas LMS user and the assignment and/or module files. IllumiDesk does not have access to user passwords or other confidential data stored within the Canvas LMS.

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