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Launch interactive learning environments - directly from your Learning Management System!

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What can you accomplish with IllumiDesk?

Dynamic and interactive content powered by Jupyter Notebooks.

For Learners

Learn with Notebooks. that offer rich, interactive web-based experiences.

Guided learning workflows

Stay engaged with your material and learn by doing.

Seek additional help with the click of a button

Engage with fellow project members, classmates, tutors, teacher's assistants, or instructors by providing the full context of your current environment.

Learning heroes
Our awesome features

For Instructors

Quickly create engaging learning experiences that students will love.

Design assignments and quizzes with rich, interactive feedback options

Keep track of everything at a glance with high-level, multi-project visibility.

Supercharged grading tools

Automate repetitive grading tasks. Provide inline feedback and release it to students safely.

For Learning Management System Administrators

Remove the hassle from managing environments with intuitive user interfaces and auditing tools.

Environment status

Quickly obtain the status of the IllumiDesk tool or receive alerts based on user-defined triggers.

LTI 1.1 / LTI 1.3 Integration

Improve time-to-production with proven and certified integration options with your Learning Management System.

Our awesome features

How does IllumiDesk work?

Our awesome features
Set up your Course files as an Instructor

Register and sign in to IllumiDesk, access your grader notebook and create or import your course files. If you have an LTI compatible LMS then all data is synched transparently!

Our awesome features
Fetch, complete and submit modules as a Student

With the click of a button fetch assignments for your course and engage with live, interactive content. If required, complete submit the assignment, quiz, or test for review.

Our awesome features
Review, Grade, and add Feedback as an Instructor

Once the student has submitted their assignment, Instructors have the option to initiate automated grading and provide inline feedback for their students. Then, Instructors have the option to release feedback to students and submit scores to the LMS.

Our awesome features
Sync data with your Learning Management System

Synchronize your data, such as users, groups, and grades with your Learning Management System.

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