Experience seamless collaboration like never before with IllumiDesk's advanced feature set. From real-time document editing to interactive brainstorming sessions, our platform fosters teamwork and innovation. Empower your team to work together efficiently, share insights, and achieve collective goals with ease.
Collaboration Tools

Power Collaboration with these Awesome Features!


Shared Courses and Activities

Share your Courses, Lessons, and Activities with fellow Instructors and/or Students. You can also define custom Groups to create project-based learning activities.


Engage Learners with Discussions

Add discussion boards to any activity to enhance collaboration between all participants of your course. The IllumiDesk Discussion components supports mentions, reactions, and emojis too.

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Real-Time Collaboration

Work together with your peers or colleagues in real-time, regardless of location. Enjoy seamless collaboration on projects, assignments, and coding exercises for enhanced productivity.

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Submission Feedback and Grading

Efficiently grade assignments and provide feedback with IllumiDesk. Streamline your process and enhance the learning experience for educators and students alike.