White-Labeled Content

Personalize your Learning Site and Course Pages with IllumiDesk's Custom Branding options, seamlessly integrating your brand elements for a distinctive online presence that aligns with your organization's identity.
Create a Custom Course Platform

Custom Pages, Domains, and Emails


Custom Pages

Custom Pages offers a flexible solution for tailoring unique course content to specific needs or preferences, empowering users to personalize their online experiences effortlessly.


Custom Domains

Custom domains allow users to establish a distinct online presence by using their own unique web addresses, enhancing branding and professionalism while maintaining control over their digital identity.

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Custom Emails

IllumiDesk's custom emails feature empowers organizations to create personalized email addresses tailored to their brand, enhancing communication and professionalism within their ecosystem.

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Integrate with the Services you Know and Love

IllumiDesk's flexible integration options using the RESTful API and/or LTI v1.3 helps leverage existing content and flows.