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Supercharge Your Content with Illumidesk’s Advanced Features


Automated Grading

Automate grading tasks and provide inline feedback for students.


Collaborate with Your Learners

Collaborate effectively with your learners using discussion boards, mentions, inline comments. Real-Time Collaboration (RTC) is coming soon!


Create Awesome Content at the Speed of A.I.

IllumiDesk's A.I. will help you create, maintain, and structure your content into interactive lessons.


Integrate with the Services you Know and Love

IllumiDesk's flexible integration options using the RESTful API and/or LTI v1.3 helps leverage existing content and flows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IllumiDesk?

IllumiDesk is the generative A.I. platform for instructors and content developers that helps teams create and monetize content tailored 10X faster.

Who is IllumiDesk for?

IllumiDesk is for instructors and content developers working as freelancers in small training agencies, small to medium businesses, and large organizations. IllumiDesk helps instructors and content developers achieve superpower level productivity gains when creating and distributing content to their learners.

Why should I sign up for the public beta version?

By signing up for IllumiDesk's public beta version, you’ll be among the first to gain access to IllumiDesk's innovative learning management system features and help guide the product's roadmap. You’ll also have the chance to win a free 1-year subscription!

How do I register for the public beta version?

To sign up for the public beta, click on the "Get Started" button located on the top right-hand corner button of any web page.

Is there a cost during the public beta phase?

There is no cost during the public beta phase. However, certain usage-based features may be limited, such as the number of responses and characters received by IllumiDesk's generative AI.

When do you plan on launching a stable release?

We plan to release a version backed by Service Level Agreements (SLA's) during the summer of 2023. Everyone's feedback has been fantastic, and we are working hard so you don't have to 😍.

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