Jupyter Notebooks

Explore virtual labs and improve coding proficiency with IllumiDesk Jupyter Notebooks.


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Enhance Your Data Science Skills with Jupyter Notebooks


001 /// Easy to Use

IllumiDesk Jupyter Notebooks offer a powerful, versatile environment for data analysis, visualization, and machine learning. With simple course creation and virtual lab capabilities, it’s perfect for students and professionals looking to refine their coding skills and boost productivity.

002 /// Jupyter Notebook Integrations

Boost efficiency with IllumiDesk Jupyter Notebooks through RESTful API and LTI v1.3 integrations. Streamline data analysis, visualization, and machine learning workflows seamlessly.

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003 /// Course Authoring with Notebooks

Craft and manage your courses effortlessly with IllumiDesk’s intuitive tools and seamless Jupyter Notebooks integration for interactive learning. Whether creating anew or upgrading, IllumiDesk equips you for success.

002 /// Unlimited Programing Languages

IllumiDesk enables live coding exercises in any required programming language and allows users to run interactive coding sessions in languages like Python, TypeScript, R, Julia, and more. With IllumiDesk, educators and highly technical trainers can create a dynamic learning environment tailored to their course needs.