Bootcamps and Training Agencies

Learn how IllumiDesk LMS solutions can help you deliver an amazing education experience that will keep your customers coming back for more. With IllumiDesk, you'll have everything you need to provide engaging and informative customer training courses.

Bootcamps vs. Training Agencies

Bootcamps are entities focused on providing technical training, like Web Development and Data Science, typically over two to six months. They aim to place graduates in relevant jobs post-training.

Training Agencies, on the other hand, are specialized departments within organizations or part of business service groups, such as BPOs or consulting firms. They focus on delivering training for various purposes, including onboarding and account management.


IllumiDesk Solutions for Bootcamps and Training

  • IllumiDesk helps Bootcamps and Training Agencies with tailored solutions with:
  • Course Authoring using Custom documents, such as previous courses, knowledge bases, and other internal documents.
  • White labeled Training Platforms
  • Integrations with existing LMS's using a RESTful API or the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard
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