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Streamline Your Course Creation Process and Create Courses 10x Faster

Streamline Your Course Creation Process and Create Courses 10x Faster

Discover how Illumidesk, a powerful Learning Management System, can help you create courses 10x faster.

TL;DR: Discover how IllumiDesk's learning platform can help you create interactive and engaging courses 10x faster by leveraging the power of A.I.

This blog post will dive deep into how IllumiDesk can help you create courses 10x faster, thanks to its generative A.I. integration.

Create Engaging Courses on Any Topic with IllumiDesk’s Flexible Features

IllumiDesk is packed with features that make it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to create and manage courses quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the advantages of IllumiDesk:

  • Integration with Generative A.I.: Generative A.I. can help you create rich text blocks, quizzes, and live coding exercises for your courses — either from scratch or by updating existing content.
  • Flexibility: IllumiDesk is a flexible tool that can help you to create a compelling and engaging course on any subject or topic. 

  • Autograder: This is one of IllumiDesk’s most powerful features. With the Autograder, you can create assessments that automatically grade student work. This feature is handy for instructors with many students who want to save time grading.

  • Integration with LMS: IllumiDesk has direct integration with the leading Learning Management Systems in the market today.

Effortlessly Create and Update Courses with IllumiDesk's Drag-and-Drop Interface

Now that we’ve explored the advantages of IllumiDesk, let’s take a look at how you can use this powerful tool to create courses quickly and efficiently.

Creating a New Course from Scratch

Making a new course from scratch is easy with IllumiDesk. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Log in to your IllumiDesk account or create a new account.

  2. Click on “Create a New Course.

  3. Choose a name for your course and select the subject or topic.

  4. Select a Template or start from scratch by selecting Blank.

  5. Use the Autograder and ChatGPT integration to create assessments and provide real-time feedback to your students.

Updating an Existing Course

If you have an existing course you want to update, IllumiDesk makes it easy! Here’s how you can update a course you already created:

  1. Log in to your IllumiDesk account.

  2. Navigate to the course that you want to update.

  3. Use the drag-and-drop interface to add or remove modules, lessons, and assessments.

  4. Use the Autograder and ChatGTP integration to update existing assessments and provide real-time feedback to your students.


To sum up, with its intuitive design, flexible features, and powerful Autograder and ChatGTP integration, IllumiDesk is a powerful LMS that can help content developers and instructors create compelling and engaging courses quickly and efficiently.

Whether you are creating a new course from scratch or updating an existing one, IllumiDesk can help you do it quickly and easily. All your student data is safe with our advanced security protocol. So why wait? Sign up for IllumiDesk today and start creating courses 10x faster!

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