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IllumiDesk Release: Performance, Integrations, and More

IllumiDesk Release: Performance, Integrations, and More

Discover the latest updates in IllumiDesk's release, including an enhanced Course Creation Wizard, Zapier integration for seamless automation, and the new Auto-Generate Due Dates feature. Improve your teaching experience and streamline operations with these exciting updates.

We are thrilled to share our latest updates from the week of 10/30/23, focusing on improving your teaching experience and ensuring seamless operations within the IllumiDesk platform. Let's dive into the key highlights of our recent releases:

1. Updated Course Creation Wizard: Generate Your Courses Like Never Before

We are excited to introduce an enhanced Course Creation Wizard, offering you more control and customization options. Now, instructors can create tailored courses with up to 24 lessons, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

The new features include:

  • Customizable Number of Lessons: Expand your course structure with up to 24 lessons, meeting the unique needs of your learners.
  • Introduction Paragraphs: Engage your learners from the start with detailed introduction paragraphs for each lesson, providing context and key objectives.
  • Group Project Outlines: Outline group projects within your course, offering clear project descriptions and guidelines.
  • Improved Quiz Functionality: Customize the number of questions per quiz, enhancing the assessment experience for your students.

Explore our updated Course Creation Wizard: How to Generate a Course with AI

2. IllumiDesk Zapier Integration: Automate Your Workflows

We are thrilled to announce our integration with Zapier, opening doors to seamless automation and enhanced productivity. With this integration, IllumiDesk becomes even more versatile, allowing you to:

  • Integrate IllumiDesk with thousands of other apps on Zapier's platform, creating tailored automated workflows.
  • Save time by automating repetitive tasks, ensuring a more efficient work process.
  • Improve collaboration through instant communication and seamless data synchronization.

Get started with IllumiDesk's Zapier integration: Zapier Integration Guide

3. Auto-Generate Due Dates Feature: Effortless Course Management

Introducing our powerful new feature: Auto-Generate Due Dates. Managing your course activities is now more effortless and efficient than ever.

Key features include:

  • Activity Scheduling: Select the starting day and frequency, and IllumiDesk will intelligently generate due dates for all recurring activities.
  • Customizable Frequency: Tailor the frequency of activities to match your teaching schedule, ensuring flexibility and convenience.
  • Improved Course Planning: Plan your entire course with precision, distributing activities evenly and defining clear deadlines for your learners.
Learn more about Auto-Generate Due Dates: Auto-Generate Due Dates Guide

4. Bug Fixes: Ensuring a Smooth Experience

We are committed to providing a seamless user experience. We have resolved issues related to date format inconsistencies and domain redirection problems. Our technical team conducted thorough analyses and implemented comprehensive fixes to ensure accurate date representation and seamless domain redirection.

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