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The Future of Learning: Your Semi-Annual News Roundup

The Future of Learning: Your Semi-Annual News Roundup

Technologies like AI will shape the future of learning. Explore recent news stories that show how new EdTech is changing education and corporate training.


Just a few short years ago, technologies like smartboards and projectors seemed like major classroom innovations. Today, emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing, and virtual reality (VR), have taken the future of learning to an entirely new level. They've created the possibility of a more personalized, interactive experience that keeps learners engaged and improves their outcomes.

To see the impact these technologies are having on education and training, you only need to look at some recent news headlines. They make it perfectly clear how EdTech is permanently and profoundly changing the concept of learning. We've pulled together a few of the biggest stories of the year—so far—to get you up to speed.

Adding Content and Context to Language Learning

For AI enthusiasts, the year started strong with positive reports and case studies about its use in language classrooms. An article from eLearning Industry broke down how AI benefits language learners by offering customized, conversational experiences with immediate feedback. AI can also offer cultural context, which is a major barrier for many students learning new languages.

According to the article, generative AI has had great results in different learning environments, ranging from language learning apps to university classrooms. Outside the realm of traditional education, a multinational corporation also used AI for employee language training, resulting in improved communication skills for the business world.

AI, Tutoring, and Teaching

A USA Today article published in May explored how AI is changing the K-12 education landscape. While some people have reservations about the effects of generative AI on privacy and academic outcomes, others are embracing it. That includes Pease Elementary School in Texas, where teachers use tablets to offer AI-powered, tailored instruction to their students.

At Alpha High School in Austin, Texas, students use AI tutors to prepare for their SATs. The school has an average SAT score of 1545 compared to the national average of 1030, a result that makes the future of education with AI look particularly bright.

In the article, Diana Hughes, Vice President of Product Innovation and AI at Age of Learning, says that AI can change children's futures by giving them a tailor-made learning experience. They move through the material at a pace that's right for them rather than rushing to the next topic because other members of the class are ready to move forward.

A Breakthrough for Learning and Development

There's more big news for AI in the professional world. The University of Phoenix and Executive Networks released the results of their recent study, 2024 Generative AI Report: L&D's Breakthrough Moment. During their research, they asked nearly 1,000 human resource leaders and knowledge workers how they felt about the role of generative AI in learning and development in the future of corporate learning.

They discovered that HR leaders have high hopes for AI, particularly with regard to learning, with an impressive 56% expecting it to result in greater productivity. Overall, HR leaders were more confident about using AI in learning and development. However, 63% of knowledge workers felt that generative AI has the potential to make training content more engaging.

Government Support for EdTech

As a recent article from EducationWeek explains, lawmakers recently introduced a bill to support educators who want to learn more about AI and quantum computing. The bill proposes a grant program administered by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to promote research into teaching AI at K-12 schools. In addition, it directs the NSF to develop guidelines for introducing AI in classrooms.

If the bill passes, it will also benefit future educators who want to study AI or quantum computing. The NSF would award undergraduate and graduate scholarships for students who want to study these EdTech trends.

The Future of Learning Starts Now

A classroom or corporate training environment that draws on technologies like AI isn't a far-off fantasy. It's happening now in schools and businesses around the world, and you can become a part of it more easily than you might realize.

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