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Custom-Branded Course Creation Software for e-Learning Sites

Custom-Branded Course Creation Software for e-Learning Sites

Course creation software with custom branding makes it easy to create unique e-Learning sites. Learn how to use IllumiDesk to make a branded online course.


The magic of artificial intelligence (AI) is that you can create courses faster without sacrificing originality and creativity. Educators and course creators can now calibrate, customize, and borrow powerful AI models in specific branded applications, including course creation software.

Experts project that the e-Learning market will reach $1 trillion by 2032 as more schools and industries embrace the advantages of online education. With so many online courses going live each day, it's critical that yours stands out from the crowd. Custom branding is the best way to make that happen.

We recognize the importance of making your e-Learning site and course pages distinctly your own. That's why IllumiDesk — a one-stop shop for end-to-end course development — gives you the option to custom brand content for your company or training agency's pages and emails. This post explains exactly how you can use our course software to personalize your online course.

White Labeled Pages and Emails

It's safe to assume that you put a lot of effort into developing your brand aesthetic. From designing a logo to choosing the right colors, you probably considered the way each possible shade, graphic, and font would affect how learners perceive your organization.

Rest assured that putting so much thought into your branding is time well spent. In a 2020 survey, 74% of respondents said that they felt a brand's look and feel was a make-or-break factor. With so much importance placed on your brand personality, it only makes sense to include it in every aspect of your e-Learning platform.

IllumiDesk allows you to customize the logo, fonts, colors, and banners throughout your site. From your campus homepage to every email communication, you can create a truly immersive brand experience for learners. With a consistent and intentional approach to your branding, you'll make learners feel more connected to your organization and give them a more seamless educational journey.

Your Course, Your Domain

Students shouldn't have to embark on a wild Google goose chase every time they want to visit your site. Unfortunately, that's exactly what might happen if you use a generic URL for your course. IllumiDesk helps you avoid that problem by allowing you to choose a specific domain that students won't struggle to remember.

Using a professional and memorable web address ultimately benefits everyone. Learners will spend their time on things that actually matter, like their activities and assessments, instead of searching endlessly for your course.

Replacing a cookie-cutter URL with your custom domain also makes your e-Learning site seem more trustworthy. With rampant cybercrime lurking around every digital corner, users might be reluctant to visit links that don't have an obvious tie to your brand. Custom domains provide clear connections between your site and your institution or organization.

Tailor-Made Logins

For many students, your login page is the first impression they'll get of your course. While you could easily put up a bland but usable login screen, you'd be missing out on a prime opportunity. Branded login pages are a great way to welcome students and set the tone for their educational experience.

With IllumiDesk, you could just as easily opt for a custom login that includes your logo and colors. Before students even enter your course, they'll know what to expect from your brand and begin forming positive associations with your e-Learning site.

Branded Email Templates

On top of all these and other integrations and features, IllumiDesk also gives you access to a catalog of email templates that you can customize to align with your brand. When it comes to sending course-wide messages, templates can save you significant time and effort. Rather than wasting resources manually generating each email, you can insert information into an existing form featuring your branding.

Templates are ideal for a variety of purposes, including:

  • New course invitations
  • Welcome messages
  • Course updates
  • Password resets

These emails will reach students at every stage of their learning path. From day one until the course closes, they'll receive consistent communications that tie back to your brand and messaging.

Course Creation Solutions for Educators and Training Agencies Alike

Creating a branded course can feel intimidating, particularly if you're trying to incorporate materials and functionalities from multiple platforms. IllumiDesk puts everything you need in one place, including:

  • Course content
  • Interactive activities
  • Quizzes
  • Grading

Better yet, you can customize every page and email so that they all reflect your brand. Training agencies can also white-label course creation platforms so that even multiple campuses can have pages that represent their unique brand.

Whether you're an instructor who's just beginning to learn how to create a digital course or a long-time e-Learning expert, IllumiDesk's custom branding options are an ideal fit for anyone who wants to create a course. Ready to try the best course creation platform for custom branding? Get started with IllumiDesk for free.


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